Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Come on Feinsand, you're better than that

From "A-Rod homers in return, but Derek Jeter and Yankees pounded by Orioles" [New York Daily News]

"An error by Derek Jeter and a dismal outing by Mike Mussina put the Bombers in a huge hole before A-Rod could even pick up a bat, rendering his return worthless - unless you count his garbage-time two-run homer that allowed the Yankees to avoid the added humiliation of being shut out."

Shame on you, Mark Feinsand. You know better than that. I know you know better than that, because you've displayed at least some modicum of baseball comprehension in your blog posts. Even in a 12-2 drubbing, you can't call A-Rod's two-run homer "garbage time." The guy's been on the DL for three weeks; if anything Yankee fans should be elated that he came right off the DL and was able to knock the ball out of the park.

The mainstream media acts as if it's so easy to hit a home run, and that a baseball player can pick and choose whenever they want to hit one. What the hell was A-Rod supposed to do when the score was 9-0? Would you have actually been happier had he rapped into a double play? Last I checked, there's no such thing as a nine-run home run in baseball. Additionally, as FJM has noted approximately 8 billion times, a home run is the best possible outcome for a hitter. There is not one thing a hitter can do that is a more productive use of his time at the plate than hit the ball out of the fucking park.

Anyone who derides a home run of any kind as "garbage" or "unclutch" because it came in the midst of a blowout doesn't know anything about baseball and should be banned from ever watching another game again.

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