Monday, April 7, 2008

What about Bonds?

With the Yankee offense incredibly averaging less than three runs/game through the first six contests of the 2008 season, and Jason Giambi shockingly developing some kind of injury that may keep him out of the lineup for an indeterminate amount of time, I got to thinking - what about Barry Bonds?

There was some scuttlebutt among Yankee bloggers in the offseason regarding the Yankees and Bonds, although it doesn't seem like it was ever an idea the front office thought seriously about, but given the early returns on the team, it seems like a no-brainer. Why not toss Bonds an incentive-laden one-year deal to DH? He won't have to risk injuring himself in the field, and the Yankees will instantly add the current active leader in career OPS to the heart of their order.

I know detractors will speak of the media circus Bonds' presence would create, but I call horseshit on that. When aren't the Yankees a damn media circus? Did everyone forget Clemens' return last year? This team is allotted more media coverage, had far more more words written about it and analyzed more closely than anything else in the New York Tri-State Region by far, so despite the negative press that would come with an acquisition like Bonds, I'm pretty sure everyone will quickly shut the hell up when he starts ripping homers over the right field porch.

I realize this is probably an unpopular suggestion, but I really think the Yankees need to explore this possibility. We know the offense isn't going to average 2.73 runs for the rest of the season, but we also know we have an aging team - as noted by River Ave. Blues, the team is not only not taking its pitches, but Derek Jeter has been grounding into double plays at a record pace, and Johnny Damon, Giambi and Jorge Posada (admittedly in limited action) haven't exactly been tearing the cover off the ball.

Why not take a flier on Barry Bonds and see what he can do? If he turns out to be a disaster, cut bait and move in. It's not like the team can't afford it.

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