Wednesday, April 23, 2008

BREAKING: Red Sox to go 140-0 rest of year

I passed out on the early side last night, fully expecting the Yankees to drop a game that they were losing by one measly run. I hate when that knee-jerk feeling of hopelessness kicks in, but they really do tend to look atrocious and completely incapable of surmounting any deficit at any given time, not just the 2008 model, but pretty much every Yankee team since 2004 has shown little fight when trailing. Plus, the numbers bear me out, as prior to last night the Yanks were 0-9 in games they trailed after the 6th inning.

So I was certainly pleasantly surprised to see that they actually came back and picked up a much-needed victory, considering that, once again, all of baseball has decided it has absolutely zero interest in beating the Red Sox, ever. In fact, it would not surprise me one iota if the Sox were to go 140-0 the rest of the year. The moment I saw that they were playing the Angels at Fenway I had to laugh. Did anyone even think for a single second that the Angels had a fucking prayer? Have the Angels ever beaten the Red Sox? Sure as hell doesn't seem that way.

How come the Yanks don't have any one team that they own? Back in the day you could count on domination of the D-Rays, but obviously that hasn't been the case since the Yanks last went to the World Series. Other than that, I've never seen a team roll over for the Yankees the way the Angels (and pretty much every other team in baseball, especially the quadruple A squads in the National League) absolutely and utterly die when they play Boston. Pathetic.

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