Friday, April 25, 2008


So the Yankees are 2.5 games out of first place on the morning of April 25, 2008. They could've cut the deficit to 1.5 last night.

I know it's incredibly early, but 2.5 games is a bigger deficit than people realize. Even though the Red Sox somehow have a two-game losing streak, I expect they'll snap it tonight and they may not lose more than two in a row all year. The Yankees have to capitalize on their opportunities.

Wouldn't it be amazing to grab first place in May and never look back? We haven't been able to do that in four years. I'm tired of being in Boston's rear-view mirror.

At least Farnsworth is injured. With any luck, he'll be out for the season. Also, if Latroy Hawkins isn't DFA'd ASAP I may have to start rooting for another team.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

BREAKING: Red Sox to go 140-0 rest of year

I passed out on the early side last night, fully expecting the Yankees to drop a game that they were losing by one measly run. I hate when that knee-jerk feeling of hopelessness kicks in, but they really do tend to look atrocious and completely incapable of surmounting any deficit at any given time, not just the 2008 model, but pretty much every Yankee team since 2004 has shown little fight when trailing. Plus, the numbers bear me out, as prior to last night the Yanks were 0-9 in games they trailed after the 6th inning.

So I was certainly pleasantly surprised to see that they actually came back and picked up a much-needed victory, considering that, once again, all of baseball has decided it has absolutely zero interest in beating the Red Sox, ever. In fact, it would not surprise me one iota if the Sox were to go 140-0 the rest of the year. The moment I saw that they were playing the Angels at Fenway I had to laugh. Did anyone even think for a single second that the Angels had a fucking prayer? Have the Angels ever beaten the Red Sox? Sure as hell doesn't seem that way.

How come the Yanks don't have any one team that they own? Back in the day you could count on domination of the D-Rays, but obviously that hasn't been the case since the Yanks last went to the World Series. Other than that, I've never seen a team roll over for the Yankees the way the Angels (and pretty much every other team in baseball, especially the quadruple A squads in the National League) absolutely and utterly die when they play Boston. Pathetic.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Now pitching, number 48, Kyle Farnsworth

Hey, everyone!


So our boy Phil didn't have a great outing yesterday. I didn't see the game, but it sounds like the weather conditions and the umpire's insane strike zone weren't exactly a recipe for success.

I'm not going to sit here and make excuses, but it's easy to forget that we're only eight games into the season. Phil Hughes has pitched twice. Already there are concerns about his velocity, whether he might be injured, and God only knows what else.

As for me, I'm obviously going to give the kid rope. As much faith as I have in Phil, he's going to take his lumps. It would be ludicrous to expect him to go 25-0 and pitch to a 2.50 ERA. We know he's going to lose sometimes. Though he threw way too many pitches yesterday, he still left the game with the Yankees only down by a run, so I'd take that as a sign of encouragement.

I know we're all excited and it feels like the season's already considerably underway, but it's still only the second week of April. It could be worse; the team could be 0-7. There's a whole year of baseball to be played. And remember, so far the weather this month has been fucking disgusting.

Once the team gets in the swing of things and it stops raining every Goddamn day, those of us who are keeping the faith with our young pitchers are going to be rewarded.

Monday, April 7, 2008

What about Bonds?

With the Yankee offense incredibly averaging less than three runs/game through the first six contests of the 2008 season, and Jason Giambi shockingly developing some kind of injury that may keep him out of the lineup for an indeterminate amount of time, I got to thinking - what about Barry Bonds?

There was some scuttlebutt among Yankee bloggers in the offseason regarding the Yankees and Bonds, although it doesn't seem like it was ever an idea the front office thought seriously about, but given the early returns on the team, it seems like a no-brainer. Why not toss Bonds an incentive-laden one-year deal to DH? He won't have to risk injuring himself in the field, and the Yankees will instantly add the current active leader in career OPS to the heart of their order.

I know detractors will speak of the media circus Bonds' presence would create, but I call horseshit on that. When aren't the Yankees a damn media circus? Did everyone forget Clemens' return last year? This team is allotted more media coverage, had far more more words written about it and analyzed more closely than anything else in the New York Tri-State Region by far, so despite the negative press that would come with an acquisition like Bonds, I'm pretty sure everyone will quickly shut the hell up when he starts ripping homers over the right field porch.

I realize this is probably an unpopular suggestion, but I really think the Yankees need to explore this possibility. We know the offense isn't going to average 2.73 runs for the rest of the season, but we also know we have an aging team - as noted by River Ave. Blues, the team is not only not taking its pitches, but Derek Jeter has been grounding into double plays at a record pace, and Johnny Damon, Giambi and Jorge Posada (admittedly in limited action) haven't exactly been tearing the cover off the ball.

Why not take a flier on Barry Bonds and see what he can do? If he turns out to be a disaster, cut bait and move in. It's not like the team can't afford it.

Sometimes it sucks to be right

"Determined to smite the youth movement, Yanks sign yet another ineffective 80-year-old middle reliever" [12.10.07]