Friday, February 15, 2008

The Crappiest 25-Man Yankee Roster of All-Time

After reading Ben's excellent post about how annoying Mike Mussina is (I seriously think the River Ave. Blues guys and I share a brain; their posts say pretty much exactly what I'm thinking about the Yankees at all times), my buddy and I thought it might be amusing to come up with a 25-man roster of our all-time most-loathed Yankees.

In executing this idea, I realized that it was actually even more entertaining to come up with a roster of my all-time suckiest Yankees. The roster is pretty much exclusively made up of players from the last 18 years or so, which makes sense given that 1990 was the year my nine-year-old self started paying closer attention to and actively rooting for the team. Despite the 1990 campaign being one of the worst in team history, I was born with Yankee blood, and my dad's love of the team ensured that I'd always be a huge fan regardless of their fortunes.

Picking position players was pretty easy, but narrowing down the starters and the bullpen was tough, considering the ungodly amount of terrible, terrible pitchers we've had during the last two decades. And actually, upon even further review, the list of crappiest pitchers is probably not all that different from what a "Most Despised" starting rotation would look like.

Anyway, here's my roster of All-Time Crappiest Yankees. Feel free to post your all-time crappiest Yanks in the comments.

Yankees | Crappiest 25-Man Roster of All-Time


C: Sal Fasano
1B: Miguel Cairo
2B: Enrique Wilson
3B: Andy “Stanky” Stankiewicz
SS: Alvaro “Career OPS+ of 66” Espinoza
LF: Terrence Long
RF: Ruben Rivera
CF: Bernabe Williams post-2003
DH: Ruben Sierra

SP: Kei Igawa
SP: Jeff Weaver
SP: Kevin Brown
SP: Andy Hawkins
SP: Kenny Rogers


IF: Mike Humphreys
IF: Wil Nieves
OF: Mike Figga
OF: Andy Fox


RP: Juan Acevado
RP: Felix Heredia
RP: Kyle Farnsworth
RP: Danny Rios
RP: Jay Witasick
Set-Up: Darrel May
Closer: Tim Redding

Manager: Stump Merrill
Bench Coach: Dallas Green


Anonymous said...

I love this! Can this team be worse than the 2003 Tigers?

Mantlemurcer said...

Oh you are missing guys like Butch Hobson, Eric Solderholm, Steve Trout, Mark Salas, Dave Collins

Anonymous said...

Would like to see Mike Aldrete as a bat off the bench or Alex Graman as the lefty specialist.

Devaluer said...

Please add:
Howe, Steve.

Chris Vinson said...

how can you forget Carl Pavano? EVERYONE hates him

Anonymous said...

This list is obviously put together by a new Yankee Fan.