Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sounds like Hankenstein may have finally gotten my memo

From "Yankees may give up on Johan Santana" [NY Daily News] -

"Steinbrenner added that opinions offered by several unspecified Yankees during the course of conversation in recent weeks have contributed to his change of heart.

'I'm growing more and more comfortable with what we have, and the veteran players I've talked to seem to be pretty comfortable with what we have. But we'll see what happens,' said Steinbrenner."

Listen up, Hank. You're happy with what we have? I'm a rabid die-hard Yankee fan, and I am absolutely unabashedly fucking elated at what we have.

Just check out our starting rotation once someone wises up and demotes Moose to AA:


All homegrown, biatch. When the hell was the last time the Yanks had an all-homegrown rotation? I'm guessing the answer is right around never.

Sit back, relax and get ready to drool, Yankee fans.


Rob in CT said...

It's very nice on paper, but the problem for 2008 is the innings caps on the young guys (~150 innings apiece for Joba and Hughes, ~180-190 for IPK). So Moose will actually be needed.

If all goes well (and, given that we're talking about pitchers, it probably won't), in 2009 the caps should be ~180 for Hughes & Joba and ~220 for IPK (essentially no cap at that point).

Still, it is nice to be able to dream of an all-homegrown (and, more importantly, good!) rotation.

Anonymous said...

Brian Cashman is the same Gm who sign Carl Pavano to a contract and trade for Javier Vazquez, Kevin Brown. Now He's scared not make a deal and trade for Johan aka Best pitcher in baseball? That's why Yankees will not W.s anytime soon as Cashman and stupid decision with starting pitching.. Trade for Johan now... I'm sick Phil Stinkin Hughes.

TIWWDN said...

I hate to break it to you, but you're at the wrong website for that kind of talk, my friend.

Drew said...

BRAVO!!!!! Now I can finally sleep at night.

cyhughes said...

oh hank got your memo. thank god for you. 3 people actually read this blog...get over yourself.

you need to stop following this according to hank, because he's clearly got the diarrhea from the mouth...

Yankees Muse said...

Hey thats a great title for a new blog. maybe Ill have a According to hank section on my blog. LOL I love hughes too. But I also love Santana. I wish there was a way to have both. Now then we would be killer.

TIWWDN said...

Of course there's a way to have both.

It's called "No GM in his right mind is going to gut his entire farm system for a guy they can acquire in less than year without relinquishing prospects."

The closest Phil Hughes should come to Johan Santana is when he and Joba drive a dumptruck full of cash onto Santana's property next offseason.

Yankees Muse said...

There is no way he will ever see free agency If he is traded. He will get an extension of at least 6 years with whatever dollar amount he wants or he will use his no trade clause. He wants to play for a contender and the only thing going to free agency will do is enter into play all those teams that have the dough but don't have the talent to trade for him. The twins need to trade him in order to get something out of the deal. He will get his extension and his payday anyhow so its a win win for the Twins and for Santana

TIWWDN said...


Obviously he won't see free agency if he's traded.

In case you didn't understand my previous comment, Santana's NOT going to get traded. It's become abundantly clear that none of the deals that have been bandied about in the media have been satisfactory to the Twins, and Cashman, Epstein and Minaya are much too bright to trade away the future for a pitcher that will hit the market at the end of 2008.

That's the bottom line. Johan Santana will remain with the Twins for the 2008 season and become a free agent afterwards.

Yankees Muse said...

I understand your opinion and If he isn't traded I will eat crow. But why on earth would he not be traded. The twins aren't going to except getting a draft pick for him, and he has already agreed to wave his no trade clause for the right deal. That being said as we get closer to crunch time either the twins will lessen their demands or they will take what they can at the trade deadline. By waiting to become a free agent he doesn't gain anything if the teams are willing to pony up the extension and the cash now. The only thing he gains is more teams in the mix that don't have the talent to trade for him.(most likely none of which he would be interested in anyhow)and he also takes the risk of an injury or poor showing lowering his value. Im 99% sure that he will be traded its the smart move for the Twins and for Santana.

cyhughes said...


You're going to feel pretty dumb when you see him leaving Minnesota. Santana being traded is inevitable; it is a matter of when...either now or at the deadline. There is no way in hell the Twinkies are dumb enough to settle for 2 draft picks as opposed to the other options available from at least 3 teams. The longer they wait, the better off they are. They're in no rush...