Friday, January 4, 2008

Screw steroids, MLB should be cracking down on whatever the hell Carlos Delgado is smoking

Carlos Delgado claims Mets were best team in baseball in '07 [ESPN]

"[2007] was very disappointing because we know that we had the best team. And I believe that we still have a great team," Delgado said Thursday on a conference call.

The Mets had the 8th-best OPS in all of baseball last year. Higher than four of the eight teams that made the playoffs, including two of the National League entrants. The Mets were certainly a very good team in 2007.

But the best? Remember how Boston throttled the ever-loving shit out of Colorado back in October? In addition to the the Rockies OPSing the hell out of the Mets, the Religious Nuts' Rockies' pitching staff, surprisingly enough, slightly out-WHIPed the Mets'. The Metropolitans posted a better OPS against, but now we're just splitting hairs.

The fact is, none of these numbers are remotely close to what the Red Sox did in 2007. The BoSox were far and away the most well-rounded team in baseball last year. Additionally, even if the Mets had made the playoffs and advanced to the World Series, they almost certainly would've folded like a house of Cardinals, because for whatever reason NL teams are obsessed with rolling over and dying when it comes to playing Boston in the Series.

However, as ridiculous as it is how overmatched NL squads look against the Sox, it's actually almost kind of endearing, like watching your son's terrible little league team show up to play the best team in the league. You know they're gonna get crushed, but they still look kind of adorable during the decimation.


jb said...

Strengths: Buchholz has a low-90s fastball that tops out at 95 mph, and it's his third-best pitch. His 12-to-6 curveball and his changeup both rate as 70s on the 20-80 scouting scale and are better than any on Boston's big league staff. With terrific athleticism and hand speed, he uses an overhand delivery to launch curves that drop off the table. He'll also mix in a handful of sliders during a game, and that's a plus pitch for him at times. Buchholz improved his mechanics in 2007 and now operates more under control. There's some thought that he's more athletic and faster than Jacoby Ellsbury

Did you guys listen to 1050 Max Kellerman this afternoon? Max was talking about Yankees Young Big three Hughes,Joba, and Kennedy.

Mr. Law said that Hughes doesn't throw 95-96 on his fastball . He throws 88-94 on his fastball. Also, Law projected Phil to be a number #2 or #3 starter rather than #1 . He has plus curveball but his changeup right now
is a below average that He needs to work on it.

Law rank Joba,Hughes, and Kennedy in that order.

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