Monday, December 17, 2007

Unless the inmates are running the asylum, Hughes won't be traded

I know I'm taking a bit of a leap of faith here, but despite multiple reports citing that the Yankees "haven't closed the door on Santana" (stories which every major newspaper in New York City will be publishing every week of the off-season and likely into the 2008 campaign as long as Santana remains with the Twins), I believe Phil Hughes will be safe.

I know several commenters have expressed concern over Hank "Hankenbrenner" Steinbrenner's proclamations of interest in Santana, and I don't have any hard evidence or knowledge to back me up here, but after reading how Brian Cashman was loath to give Hughes up to begin with coupled with the fact that the A's proffered a veritable king's ransom of prospects from the Diamondbacks in exchange for Dan Haren, the Yankees would not only be doing an extraordinary and ill-advised about face, but also delivering a huge slap to Yankee fans' faces if they now decided to mortgage the future after all the talk of nurturing our homegrown players and building from within.

Look at it this way: As per River Ave. Blues, the A's got the D-Backs' #1, 3, 7 and 8 prospects, as well as two additional presumably high-end minor leaguers.

If the A's received SIX top-notch minor leaguers for Dan Haren, you can bet your ass Minnesota will ask for the entire universe for Santana. Based on John Sickels' list of the top 20 prospects in the Yankees' system that was released earlier today, to simply match what the D-Backs gave the A's, the Yankees would have to surrender the following:

Joba Chamberlain
Ian Kennedy
Dellin Betances
Austin Romine

And that would almost certainly be in addition to Phil Hughes, and probably one or two other players.

So as you can see, despite the rumblings and grumblings about the Yankees being players for Santana if they can move Hideki Matsui's contract, a deal for Santana would not only add yet another $100 million-plus contract to the books, but utterly rape, pillage and plunder the Yankees' farm system. Unless Hankenbrenner has gone clinically insane, I think it's safe to say our boy Phil will be with the Yanks come opening day 2008.


Drew said...

I really hope so, forget Santana. Keep the kids!!!

Anonymous said...

Your pretend Yankee equivalent blows away what the D-backs gave. It's not the same.