Monday, December 3, 2007

If this situation isn't settled soon I may have a coronary

As insulting as it is that the Yankees deigned to offer Phil Hughes - considered by many to be the top pitching prospect in all of baseball pretty much ever since he was drafted - to the Twins over the weekend, incredibly the Twinkies still aren't wowed enough by the Yanks' offer and are pressuring them to include another top-flight prospect. Hopefully the Yankees are not this stupid. If they traded away Hughes and Ian Kennedy to the Twins, I'm not even sure what the point would be anymore.

All we've seen from these Yankee teams during the last four years are offenses that light it up during the regular season and fold like a house of cards during the playoffs, combined with average to mediocre pitching that a team like the Yankees can coast on for 162 games but then gets horribly, horribly exposed come playoff time.

The Yankees have tried to patch the starting rotation with awful free agent signings and trades. Jeff Weaver, Jose Contreras, Javy Vasquez (remember when he was supposed to be a sure thing), Carl Pavano, Jaret Wright and Randy Johnson have all taken their turns at sucking immediately after donning pinstripes.

Perhaps bitten by his weak talent evaluators, Brian Cashman realized that a barren farm system never got anyone anywhere in baseball, and finally starting focusing the team's vast resources toward drafting young talent in 2004. And this past year that patience finally paid off, yielding a trio of pitchers who any team in Major League Baseball would salivate at the thought of filling three slots in their starting rotation.

If the Yankees buckle from this nonexistent pressure from Theo & Co. (and really, is there anyone out there who still believes the Red Sox are a serious player in all this? Despite supposedly being willing to deal Jacoby Ellsbury, they still refuse to include both Ellsbury and Lester, and won't even think about trading Buchholz. That alone shows me that the Sox are far better evaluators of their own talent than the Yankees. Sure, Buchholz is a nice pitcher, but he's no Phil Hughes. I never thought I'd say this, but I'd almost rather have the Sox front office running the Yankees right now - you know they wouldn't dangle a prize like Phil Franchise), it will truly represent an end to this so-called new way of Yankee thinking. We will never again be able to believe the team when they claim they are embracing a youth movement.

Thankfully the Yankees have set an arbitrary deadline of today. I highly doubt we'll have any sort of resolution, but if I could have one wish this holiday season, it would be for the Twins to demand too much, the Yankees pull out and Hughes' name never mentioned in trade talks EVER AGAIN.

UPDATE: River Ave. Blues is reporting that Andy Pettitte is returning next year! If this is true, this is HUGE. This should allow the Yankees' desperation for Santana to wane. Thank you Andy! You just may have SAVED PHIL HUGHES!


Dave's Rave said...

Santana wants $20m+ a year after this season. He will be 30 years old at the start of next season plus he wants 8 years, so Yanks are considering trading Hughes and signing Santana to a contract that he will be making $25m when he's 38 yrs old?

Seriously Cashman this is what you promised wouldn’t happen anymore. Santana will be available at the end of this season as a free agent for just money. At that point let’s see how bad he wants to be a Yankee. Beltran was willing to take $20m less to be a Yankee that’s the type of players we should sign, if not go to the highest bidder. It's and honor and privilege to play for the Yanks.

adam said...

they are so stupid for not pulling hughes off the table now

Steve Johnson said...

[Hughes,] considered by many to be the top pitching prospect in all of baseball pretty much ever since he was drafted

Matt Garza, Scott Kazmir, Fransisco Liriano, Felix Rodriguez, and a lot of other guys all say "hi".

The Yankees have tried to patch the starting rotation with awful free agent signings and trades....

The difference between all these guys and Santana is that they were either on the wrong side of 35, sometimes 40, were comming off one good season in which their peripheral stats didn't account for their ERA, and were just plain mediocre (or worse). Santana has been the best Starting pitcher for years and is not yet 30 years old.

UPDATE: River Ave. Blues is reporting that Andy Pettitte is returning next year! If this is true, this is HUGE. This should allow the Yankees' desperation for Santana to wane. Thank you Andy! You just may have SAVED PHIL HUGHES!

I don't buy this because Pettite is a very average-quality starting pitcher at this stage of his career. He's not much better than what's on the FA menu, but he'll more.

HoraceClarkeEraSurvivor said...

If the real point is to have someone who can flat out shut down the opposition in the post season, you can be comfortable keeping Hughes. Sure, next year Hughes will go 12-5 (they will baby him) while Santana goes, say, 20-8.

I say the fresh armed, fresh faced kid will be able to hold his own come October, which with that offense and better pitching already seems likely.

Hughes won of course the one post season game the Yanks won last year.

That is not even getting to Melky, who is only getting better while Damon is in decline.

Then there's money. While I am happy to spend all the Steinbrenner money there is, it's embarrassing to see it spent stupidly.

Eric said...

Person doing the adding at the top is an idiot, when was the last time 30+7=38?, Santana's 28 and will be 29 at seasons beginning. He'll be 36 when his contract would be up. And I believe Buchholz already has a no-hitter, does Hughes, last time I checked he didn't. And for the Yankees to set a deadline is hilarious, just look at what you guys did with A-Rod.

I don't see why you Yankee fans convet this guy so much, he doesn't have that great numbers. Look at Kevin Slowey, 1.93 ERA in the Minors compared to the "Best pitcher ever" (Phil Hughes you call him) with a 2.03 ERA, and Slowey has 100 more inning on him.

Have fun having the highest payroll in the majors and have nothing to show for it for the last 7 years.

adam said...

Dave's Rave said...

Eric the idiot is you. It seems you are a Sox fan so I will try to explain again in simple terms so even you can understand. Santana will be 29 in March, after this season he will turn 30 which is when his new contract will start. Now they are writing he will want to 8 year contract so if he starts that contract at the age of 30 his final year he will be 38.

Basic math must be difficult for you, but I will give you one more interesting fact. The Sox have won 2 series in the last 89 years.

Brian said...

Never know with these rumors, but it's beginning to sound like this deal is dead.

Happy to hear they are having doubts about trading Hughes.

For me, I understand that Santana will make them a better team right now and that Hughes may not live up to the hype (it's going to be pretty difficult); but Hughes really seems to be the icon of the 'new philosophy' and I think Yankee fans have bought into the philosophy.

I for one would be able to deal with a down year in order to get a chance to see what these kids can do.

Anonymous said...

Hey eric, the last 7 years, lol, you talk obviously from a boston fan perspective, hey buddy you got two in recent years congrats, but don't toot your horn too loud we have quite a few more of recent years anyway. And yeah Hughes is considered the best prospect/up and comer, thats just a fact, and the no hitter as it is qutie impressive doesn't mean shit in the future. So shut your pie hole and let things play out, the Boston ego is so ridiculous.

Drew said...

Thank Babe the deadline passed! I know the NY papers will rip Hank on this one, but I think his 'take it or leave it' stance will help the Yanks out long term. I really cant wait to see Hughes, Joba and Ian in the same rotation for the next 15 years. I really dont give a shit if Santana goes to the Sox, Mets or any other team. We cant worry about what other teams are doing, we need to take care of our own business. If that means taking a step back next year and letting the Sox win it, so be it. I would rather root for the 2nd place Yanks with Phil, Ian and Joba in the rotation than to win the WS with Johan in 08, but had to give up Hughes, Ian, Melkey and Tabata. The Yanks just need to hang tough here and reap the benefits down the road.

Imagine this one....Santana's Sox, at Yankee stadium, ALCS game 7 against Phil Franchise. Imagine now Phil walking off the mound in the 8th as me matched Santana inning for inning to a thunderous lose or draw, Ill take that any day!!!!! There is more to being a baseball fan than winning the WS every year. We finally have our Louisiana Lightning, our Andy Pettite...our home grown ace! No matter what, we need to keep him!!!!!