Friday, December 14, 2007

Boohoo, some scumbag former Mets employee named names to try to save his own ass

Come on, New York media. Are we really up in arms over this?

Personally, I couldn't care less than Andy Pettitte allegedly used HGH to try to heal faster during his stint on the disabled list in 2002. Not only is HGH not steroids, but it wasn't even a banned substance in Major League Baseball at the time. Pettitte's done nothing wrong, and any Yankee fan that lets the Mitchell Report negatively affect their opinion of Andy is, to put it gently, a fucking moron.

Now Clemens on the other hand? I have no particular affinity for Rog. But even if the allegations are true, what does it prove? Were steroids able to help him strike more batters out? Stay in games longer? Sure, it's possible, but who knows?

I'm inclined to agree with those who felt that names should've been redacted in this report. While I'm not upset the report came out, linking specific players to steroids and HGH while leaving out countless others who were able to fly under the radar screams witch hunt to me, and ultimately I'm not sure what the purpose of all this was.

Do we have more knowledge of what some players allegedly did in the 1990s and early 200s with regards to performance-enhancing drugs? Yes, to a certain extent. Does it matter for the 2008 season? Probably not. The sense I get is that ever since steroids became such a hot-button issue, most players with half a brain probably realized it was time to cut ties with the needle, as it seems like we haven't heard about too many guys getting bagged save the occasional Jay Gibbons here and Jose Guillen there.

For me, the two biggest issues are (1) Will this deter players from doing steroids in the future? I'd say the answer would have to be yes, and (2) How will this affect Yankee fans' impressions of our players?

Well I'd put money down right now that when Dandy Andy toes the mound for his first 2008 start at Yankee Stadium, he'll get a bigger and longer standing ovation than anyone else.


Anonymous said...

Sign Prior and Otsuka -- this is where the Yanks can flash some financial muscle.

As for the names mentioned in the report -- at this point, does anyone really care anymore? It's no surprise to me to see Roger or Andy mentioned. Their names have been linked to HGH since the Grimsley saga. My only concern is that there is very little information about Pettitte -- not nearly enough to brand him as a "cheater." (There is no evidence linking pettitte to any other use before or since.)

Also would like to add to other fans around the country who are labeling the Yankees as cheaters -- Get Real! The sources involved were related to BALCO (hence the Oakland players) and NY Markets. Are we really to believe that the use of performance enhancers did not exist in other markets. That's the same naive thinking that created this mess in the first place.

The Mitchell Report accomplished little more than the fact that it gave the media something to write about other than Johan Santana. In my opinion, the inclusion of names serves only as means to to justify the enormous cost of an otherwise shallow investigation.

susan mullen said...

Re: Phil Hughes, today 12/15 I read Hank is back on the phone about Santana. Is Phil Hughes on the block again? I realize the media hasn't a shred of credibility about anything, so it's hard to tell what's really going on. I still don't want Santana and I especially don't want him at the expense of Phil Hughes or Ian Kennedy.

Anonymous said...

Susan, I think Hank is trying to get the foot back in the door here. With Haren being traded, there's nobody else available. Hank and the Yankees need to be in the loop on discussions with Santana, as they can no longer afford to see him go elsewhere if they have a shot to get him. It doesn't necessarily mean they are looking to part with Hughes, but they need to assure themselves of that option again.

Drew said...

Every team (last place or WS winner) had at least one player on the juice. The thing was, HGH wasnt illegal so of course they did it. I remember years back there was a supplement called "Hot Stuff". When I was in HS, everyone was raving about it. Every football player, wrestler and baseball player I was around (played all three) took Hot Stuff, you could purchase it at GNC. A couple years later they took it off the shelf and made it illegal. If you have the option to take a legal supplement to help you get back on the field quicker or perform at a higher level, you're gonna take it period. HGH was the same way, a legal supplement that you could purchase over the counter. To say that only the people on the list were guilty is a reach. I would say close to half the league took some type of supplement during their career. Listen the reports was done to put an end to the steroid era, but what I think it did was spark more controversy. Another swing and miss by the commissioner, but lets not get into all that. Again, the list was done to document the past so we can move on. Its a shame that the list is incomplete and now the select few are deemed guilty by the court of the public. We were all in on it, owners, GM’s, players, players association, fans..we all drank the Kool-Aid. Everyone is shocked! Whats shocking to me is that Babe Ruth hits 60 HR’s back in what the 20’s? Then 40 years later Marris hits 61. FF another 40 years and Mac hits 70, while Sosa has 4 years of hitting 60!! Then Bonds hits his 70+ and everyone thought this was normal? Sammy Sosa with 4 years at 60 HR’s? After it only being done twice in the history of the sport? We all knew what was going on and if you didn’t, you need to pay attention more.


Drew said...

I posted this on another site where I battle people about keeping Phil Hughes every day. I love this site and figure you guys would get a kick out of it...enjoy!


I know I go off the deep end every once in a while in my defense of keeping Hughes and the gang, but sometimes I have to swing for the fences. I've listed all their stats, I’ve listed past mistakes in the Yanks signing, "cant miss" FA's. I’ve given best and worst case scenarios. I’ve illustrated the need to keep young aces, proven or not. I’ve showed how mature 21 year old Phil Hughes is on the mound. I’ve stated how Santana may have seen his best days already. I’ve asked questions like who will play CF? I’ve forecasted what the team will look like this, next and the following year. I’ve done all this to no avail. I’ve thought to myself, why isn’t this working? Why am I unable to convince my brethren that keeping the kids is in the Yanks best interest? Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. You guys have all the power in this negotiation. I’m fighting an Abraham’s tank with three rocks. You have the heavyweight champ of the world in your corner, while I have a pocket full of dreams. You have a 2-time CY young award winner, while I have minor league stats and major league projections. You guys have the high ground here. But I will tell you this....

Santana Longshanks shall never defeat Phillip Wallace!

Philip Wallace: Sons of Yankee Land I am Philip Wallace.
Yankee fan: Phillip Wallace is seven feet tall!
Philip Wallace: Yes, I've heard. Strikes out men by the hundreds. And if HE were here, he'd consume the Red Sox with fastballs from his eyes, and bolts of breaking balls from his arse.
[Yankee fans laugh]
Philip Wallace: I AM Philip Wallace! And I see a whole chat room of my fans, here, in defiance of signing Santana. You've come to argue about building from within, and building from within you are. What will you do with those prospects? Will you win with them?
Yankee fan: Against the Sox? No, we will try to sign Santana, and we will win.
Philip Wallace: Aye, fight and you may lose, sign Santana, and you may win... at least a while. And sitting in the stands, many years from now, would you be willin' to trade ALL the prospects, from this day to that, just for one WS? Or would you keep the prospects for one more chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our WS ring in 08, but they'll never take... OUR NEW DYNASTY!!!
Philip Wallace Go back to all the GM’s and tell them that the Yankees’ daughters and sons are yours no more. Tell them the prospects are staying. I AM Phil Wallace, and I will lead the Yankess back to GLORY!!!

GO YANKS!!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

Just to make it clear - HGH was illegal in 2002. It was a banned substance in MLB because it was an illegal drug. It was not, however, listed as a banned performance enhancer.

Bottom line is the guy made a mistake. We can tiptoe around it as much as we can because we are all Andy Pettitte fans. His motivation to come back from injury is certainly respectable, but he did use HGH -- albeit for two days.

I have no problem forgiving the guy for his mistakes. He has shown accountability and willingness to move on. But we can't forget that it did happen -- it was wrong when he did it. The end.

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