Thursday, November 29, 2007

Yet another reason the Yanks shouldn't even think about dealing with the Twins

This is the same organization that let David Ortiz walk after the 2002 season.

I've often wondered how different the last few years would have turned out had the Yankees signed Ortiz instead of the Sox, and I think it's probably safe to say that the Red Sox' World Series championship drought would still be in effect to this day.

Just say no to giving the stupidest baseball team of all time the best pitcher the Yankees have ever produced.


Anonymous said...

Here's another reason:

The Twins had TWO chances to get Hughes before he was even drafted by the Yankees. Phil was the 23rd overall pick and was passed over by 21 GM's, including the Twins' GM twice.

MJ said...

I've never understood the whole Ortiz to Yanks thing. The Yanks had Jason Giambi, Nick Johnson, Todd Zeile, and Ruben Sierra at first base/DH.

The Yanks had no space for Ortiz and no use for him. It's a moot point and senseless to lament.

Devaluer said...

Yeah I'd much rather have Todd Zeile than David Ortiz.

MJ said...

It's not an issue of who you'd rather have. It's an issue of you you ALREADY have and how much more you can take on. Ortiz, more than Giambi, has no position on the field. Since we already know that Giambi and Nick Johnson were on the team, even cutting Zeile AND Sierra wouldn't have opened a spot for David Ortiz.

Plus, don't use hindsight here. Even the Red Sox themselves admitted that they were leaning towards adding Brad Fullmer over Big Papi. As good as he seemed at the time, no one expected Ortiz to turn into a 40 homer machine.

You can't blame the Yanks for a) not placing higher value on a guy that no other team besides Boston made a move on and b) not making a move to sign him when they already had four other players occupying the only spot Ortiz can play.

Cy Hughes said...

So..if the Twins are idiots, wouldn't trading Santana be a stupid move? Don't we want that?

Rick said...

A. Releasing David Ortiz may have been a bad move looking back, but hindsight is always 20/20/ After the 2002 season when the Twins chose not to resign him, he was the fat guy first baseman who had never sniffed .300, never hit more than 20 home runs in a season, and moved like molasses in the field. He had no value to the Twins for the amount of money that he was asking for. In fact, it's not as if the Red Sox signed him as a huge free agent, they signed him close to league minimum and didn't have any expectations for him other than to be a bench player. That being said David Ortiz is a great hitter and deserves all he has right now.
B. To call the Twins the stupidest baseball team of all time proves that you know little to nothing about baseball. In reality they are one of the smartest, most efficient organizations in all of professional sports. If the Yankees were forced to run on the payroll that the Twins do, you can bet your bottom dollar that they would be 52-110 year in and year out, because what would your beloved Yankees be without too big, too long contracts to too old players. I'm sure it feels great to actually have some players in the farm system now, but as a Twins fan, I expect it every year. The mere fact that the Twins have won 4 of 6 division titles recently is a testament to their strengths - frugality (read: not giving huge, long contracts to players who are on the downslopes of their careers) and scouting (read: trading said downslope players for players with massive potential(read: Cristian Guzman, Eric Milton, Francisco Liriano, Joe Nathan) that teams with lesser scouting talent (read: Yankees, Giants)) Don't get me wrong - if I were in your position I would rather not trade Phil Hughes for the greatest pitcher in the last 20 years either, but as good as Johan Santana will look in Pinstripes, Phil Hughes is going to look much better in Twinstripes. Go Twins.

Anonymous said...

Pleeeze. Every team passed on Ortiz when he was a free agent and the Red Sox only signed him as a back up. He only started when another player got hurt.

The Twins had Morneau in the pipeline. Turned out wrong, but calling them stupid is off the mark. He was just a lot better than anyone expected. Yankees included. They could have signed him for nothing.

Anonymous said...

Just say no to giving the stupidest baseball team of all time

A purely idiotic statement. How's that Kei Igawa signing going for ya?

Anonymous said...

The Ortiz release is defensible because he was a poor fielding first baseman with some health issues headed to arbitration. He would never had been as effective in Minnesota, who tried to make him into another early-count hacking opposite-field singles hitter.

Ben said...

Ortiz was hurt all the time and big complainer in MN. Fenway helped him become the hitter he is by keeping his right shoulder in and trying to use the Monster. He was a good hitting prospect, but with Morneau in the pipeline, he was expendable given his productivity to date.

From a MN guy, Hughs might be projected to be all that, but Johan is all that. You'll be in baseball heaven if you get him - he is unreal day in day out.