Friday, November 30, 2007

Posada: "Boo-hoo I'm old so let's mortgage the future for a guy no other team can acquire"

Way to be diplomatic there, hip-hip Jorge.

I understand why Posada, as a 53-year-old catcher with only so many chances left at a ring, wants Johan Santana so badly, but outright begging for the Yankees to trade for the man is pitiful.

After rededicating themselves to nurturing the farm system, it strikes me as mind-boggling that the front office would completely reverse course.

If I'm the yankees you HAVE to look at the bigger picture here: NO OTHER TEAM is going to come close to what the Yankees are thinking about offering.

It's becoming more and more apparent as the Phil Hughes hostage drama carries on that it's a one-team race. No other team can come close to matching a package of Phil and others. Yesterday's news had Boston dangling a quartet of players that no one gives a shit about. Simply put: Unless the Sox are willing to part with Jacoby Ellsbury, there is zero chance that Santana will ever don a Red Sox uniform.

Outside of the Sox there are no other contenders. The Angels and Dodgers keep getting mentioned, but as suitors for Miguel Cabrera. I could maybe see the Angels pulling something off if they lose the Cabrera sweepstakes, but the Dodgers? They haven't done anything noteworthy since leaving Brooklyn 40 years ago. (On a related note, if you're a baseball fan living in New York, do yourself a favor and go see the Museum of the City of New York's wonderful "Glory Days: New York Baseball 1947-1957" exhibit. You won't be disappointed.)

Getting back to the present, ultimately the Yankees are once again bidding against no one but themselves.


Anonymous said...

The yankees need to understand that the twins are desperate to get rid of santana. If Boston is left out of the picture, the Yankees can get him for a steal. Maybe a deal like Melky, Horne, Tabata, and sanchez will get it done...

Cy Hughes said...

Oh no! Jorge was asked a question and gave his opinion??? What an a-hole!

I want to keep Hughes as well, but you need to get over this obsession you have over Phil...calm the hell down. People will have different opinons. Get over it

Devaluer said...

Po-sad is probably just whining because Hughes throws too fast and his curveball is too wiley and it's too confusing for a feeble old man to catch his pitches.

Heir to the Depends fortune said...

Agreed - as long as Po-Side doesn't forget his depends next year he should be all set when catching Phil Franchise's starts.

ehaz said...

Damn you're stupid! "Yesterday's news had Boston dangling a quartet of players that no one gives a shit about." You don't give a shit about Jon Lester, Coco, Lowrie and Materson. You're a DUMBASS

ehaz said...

Besides that was better than the Ian Kennedy+Melky+minorleaguer offer the Yankees had out. "Unless the Sox are willing to part with Ellsbury, there is zero chance that Santana will ever don a Red Sox uniform". Well the same can be said for Phil Hughes. Unless the Yankees offer Phil Hughes instead of Ian Kennedy in their trade offer Santana will never pitch in a Yankee uniform.


1. He has led the league in the past 4 years in WHIP (walks and hits per innings pitched)

2. He's win the Cy Young twice out of the past 4 years

3. Although Phil Hughes has good potential, it is extremely unlikely he'll ever be as good as Santana

4. Please get the idea out of your head "that the Yankees are bidding against themselves only" or "that the Yankees have the best offer without Hughes" ideas its making me laugh so much I'm crying

5. This blog is a waste of time

6. Believe it or not if the Yankees get Santana it IS their future since they will get a 72 HR window to talk to Santana about an extension, anyways Santana isn't that old he's 28, 4 years older than Hughes

Anonymous said...

Shortsighted to get Rid of Hughes. I will be so pissed. We say patience and mortgage the future. Work on the Pen...that's where we need serious help.

Dave said...

the yankees would be the biggest pieces of shit in order to trade hughes. He, Joba and Kennedy are our future. If they had to make a trade then kennedy would be alright. RIght now the yankees are the only team for Santana. There is no one who is capable of getting him. We should stick it out, we dont need this deal done tommorow, let it go for another month who cares then when minesota start getting desperate, give them a nice lowball offer and take Santana. I am tired of the prevois years of us gining away premium talent for idiots that injure themselves as soon as they put on the pinstripes. This method doesnt work.

Anonymous said...


Hughes just turned 21 this year, so we're looking at a 7 and a half year difference.

Also, Hughes will cost the Yanks 22million over the next six years, while Santana will cost 150 mil.

This deal will cost the Yanks a ton of money. They will have to overpay for Rowand 12-15 mil a year, not to mention the cost to insure Santana's contract and luxury tax. This deal will cost them about 50 million a year.

Ehaz can eat a dick said...


You fucking Sox apologist pussy.

NO ONE gives a fuck about Lester and Coco. The Yankees 100% are bidding against themselves, and the Sox are getting exactly what they wanted - the Yanks to trade their very best pitcher. It's a great move by Theo and shows that for all the talk of nurturing and developing young pitchers, the Yankees haven't changed at all.